Welcome to Ebara Pumps South Africa

We have earned a reputation for providing excellent service and technically sound pump advice and selection.

We have been supplying water pumps to the Southern African market since 1985. In 2017 we became a branch of Ebara Pumps Europe.
Ebara is one of the largest pump companies in the world. Ebara was founded in Japan in 1912. We stock a wide range of popular Ebara pumps.


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Submersible Pumps / Sewage Pumps / Dewatering Pumps / Sump Pumps / Dirty Water Pumps


Industrial Water Pumps / Domestic Water Pumps / Irrigation Pumps / Centrifugal Pumps / Pressure Booster Systems


We serve the following industries among others.

  • Fire Fighting: fire-fighting booster sets
  • Agriculture: irrigation; tunnels; cleaning/ rinsing of vegetables,
  • Water treatment: water pressure boosting, reverse osmosis, filtration,
  • Industry: cooling towers, thermal expansion vessels,
  • Domestic: water pressure boosting systems where water pressure is low,
  • Dewatering: light, medium and heavy-duty submersible water pumps,
  • Ponds: decorative and fish ponds, water feature pumps.

Technical Performance Curves

We have all the information you need with regards to technical performance curves for the pumps we supply.
We will happily send you PDF’s of the pumps you are interested in.

For large scale industrial and custom applications we will gladly assist you, drawing on our international team, when needed.