Custom Pumps

Ebara continues to supply the growing demand for high efficiency and reliable pumps for Water related facilities like Desalination Plants and Booster Pump Stations and Energy related facilities like Oil and Gas and Power Generation plants


Our technologies are in high demand in developing countries where meeting water needs can be challenging due to limited water resources. Ebara continues to develop products that conserve energy by more efficiently utilizing energy resources. By ensuring optimal operations at facilities it has built or installed through after-sales service and customer support, Ebara provides superior service and leading-edge technologies designed to answer the diverse needs of every region around the world.


In response to Industries demands, Ebara designs its high-efficiency pumps to optimize internal flow paths via a combination of flow analysis and the Three Dimensional Inverse Method that optimizes the internal geometry of the pump interiors. Ebara supplies highly reliable high-performance pumps by applying its many technologies, which include material technologies that help pumps resist corrosion from seawater or other chemicals and erosion from sand, component technologies for constructing pumps, particularly the rotating parts, and advanced platform technologies for analyzing the structural strength of pump products, the degree of pump vibration resulting from operating environments, flows of water tank intake, and other factors.


Ebara’s Plant Engineering provides superior infrastructure products and services for a broad range of industries in both public and private sectors. Our total engineering approach includes project planning, equipment procurement, as well as design and construction of blowers and pumps. Some of the many projects we specialize in including water/sewage treatment facilities, irrigation systems, drainage systems, and ventilation and drainage system for roads.


Ebara’s deep knowledge of pump engineering and years of providing top-notch support and maintenance to our valued clients has helped us acquire a wealth of knowledge on how to optimize all kinds of pumps. These improvements help our client save costs by conserving energy and improving performance.


With years of experience designing and manufacturing pumps, and with a track record of success, Ebara is leader in developing energy-saving pumps that help reduce industrial energy consumption.

Technical Performance Curves

We have all the information you need with regards to technical performance curves for the pumps we supply.
We will happily send you PDF’s of the pumps you are interested in.